General Questions:

1. Who is Uncle Buck?

A: Uncle Buck is your favourite Uncle! A grouchy and “Mr. Know-it-all” of some worldly wisdom. His opinions, common sense and “calling it as he sees it” will leave you wanting more, so grab a coffee or your favourite jar and enjoy his musings each week!


2. What is Uncle Bucks News?

A: Uncle Bucks News provides readers in our area communities with a fun, family-oriented publication with entertaining and informative reading content with a community calendar of events listings updated weekly!


3. How long has Uncle Bucks News been in existence?

A: Uncle Bucks News has been publishing in our area communities since 2011. The bright yellow cover has been a mainstay and one of the most recognized media brand in locations throughout the area. Readers can’t wait to pick up the next copy and see what Uncle Buck has to say!


4. Where can I find paper copies of Uncle Bucks News?

A: We are available in over 200+ Locations in the Brockville/Prescott Marketplace weekly and in Gananoque/Leeds 1000 Islands/Athens ( over 65 locations 1st & 3rd week monthly) and in South Dundas we are available in over (50 locations the 1st & 3rd week monthly).

Advertising Questions:


1. I have an event coming up, can I add it to your community calendar?

A: You bet! If the event is a non-profit event you can simply fill out the form on the website and provide us with the details of the Organization/Date/Time and details of the event.

However, the website is just one way to promote your event, we can offer a very inexpensive display ad for as low as $49/month ( 4 ads) for your event.  We offer Print/Digital web ads for Non-Profit organizations to maximize the reach of their message and affordability too.


2. I would like to advertise my business with Uncle Bucks News. How do we get started?

A: Go under the about menu on the main homepage and click on contact. You will find a form at the bottom of the page that you can contact us and we will immediately return your email or call.  Our advertising rates are the most affordable in the area and we can offer several different options for both print and digital ads. Call or Email us Today!


3. Can I submit a joke/comic or video to be featured on the website?

A: You certainly can submit a joke or funny story possibly to be seen on the website for consideration but it must be clean and family friendly.

We also reserve the right to edit and reject any profanity or obscene content sent to us and take appropriate action if necessary.

Videos potentially have legal restrictions and copyright conditions so at the present time we will not accept any video content.